Born to be Wild!

Harley Davidson is one of the most iconic brands. When you think of Harley Davidson what are some of your thoughts that come to mind? Is it Bike Week? Sturgis? Biker gangs? Sons of Anarchy? Or is it Peter Fonda riding into the wind on the Captain America bike in Easy Rider? Others may think of the use of the motorcycle during WWI and WWII. Or even the orange and black apparel and accessories. Whichever thought came to mind was brought to you by the genius efforts of Harley Davidson’s branding and marketing campaigns.

Their motorcycles, to this day are very much sought after, everyone either wants one, owns one, or knows someone who has one. Harley Davidson has evoked this desire through brand awareness, building loyalty, capitalizing on public demand, creating community and a lifestyle, marketing to the military and promoting an apparel and accessories line.

Childhood friends, William Harley and Arthur Davidson founded Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. Their marketing efforts started by word of mouth. The empire has grown to what it is today, ICONIC. Consider your current marketing strategy. Know your identity, recruit brand ambassadors, and capitalize on the lifestyles that benefit from your services and products. Remember to give back. Sponsor events, associate your business with reputable organizations and grow your sources of revenue. Take a note from the pages of Harley Davidson and see what objective you can exceed by implementing effective marketing strategies.

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