Just wanted to say hi and update ya if you wanted to know where and what the heck we are doing!!!
I know you have been busy, lol.

The NCUYD event was a great success, Kevin had an amazing night. Thanks for the support
Side note: People have been asking when the next event will be held,  don’t worry, we will be having another NCUYD™ event and will give everyone plenty of notice as we foresee hosting 1- 2 events per year!!

We’ve taken some time after to get involved in some yoga and youth soccer. Yoga is fun and challenging for sure just like soccer 🙂 We did come in second and third!!! (We coached two teams)

We’ve also been productive in trying to figure out a way to make things like filming and photography at a studio beneficial to everyone. I know it has been a while but we have been getting things underway! Going to share a bit of what has been going on and what we will be doing, as I know we have been missing in action!

And lastly, we are happy to say that we will be working from Ormond Beach!! At our studio, 333 W. Granda suite 230, on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is Located next to Ace Hardware  (not gold’s Gym lol )
from 11- 3 pm. 

In case you are in the market for a new headshot, we currently have two spots left on Tuesday. Tuesday headshots specials are only $99.  (Yup it’s happening)

This includes up to an hour of studio time which includes shoot time, image review and selecting your final 3 images for edit.
Images will be sent via dropbox for final review and download, within 5 business days.

For Tuesday’s current available times:
Call 386-585-5074 or email Patti@psmarketingmaven.com

VIDEO Wednesdays
We will also be available Wednesday from 11- 3:30 pm for VIDEO
Wednesdays. For $350 we are offering 1-hour film session on a green, white, or black screen.

Here is a pretty cool Holiday video we produced for WE ARE YOGA (WAY) an Ormond Beach company that is one of the most well-known and repped brands in yoga, among companies like Bikram and Manduka. WAY is responsible for the yoga’s WAYmat the washable, dryable, and just less gross yoga mat. We produced this gem using the green screen and images we photographed.  http://bit.ly/greenscreensample

These are perfect for monthly greetings, holiday specials, sales, product videos, informative, educational videos, and any creative content.

Up to an hour studio time which can include:  a brainstorm session if needed. The video includes a lower third (title, name, and logo), contact info and music. Up to 30 secs. Video will be sent via dropbox within 7-9 business days.

Availability on Wednesday:
Call 386-585-5074 or email Patti@PSMarketingMaven.com

We are pet-friendly!!!