Patti Sarinana
P.S. Marketing Maven

P.S. Marketing Maven helping small businesses grow in the Flagler/Volusia County areas.
Former marketing representative turns her experiences into her own small business.

Flagler and Volusia Counties, FL: We are P.S. Marketing Maven your preferred contact management and social media marketing strategist! Located in Flagler/Volusia County areas and servicing small businesses and organizations across the states. Our focus is in building and maintaining relationships through email marketing campaigns and social media engagement to retain and increase growth.

What is a maven? A maven is a subject matter expert. The extensive marketing experiences gained in the past several years has given P.S. Marketing Maven the necessary marketing expertise and strategies to help small businesses grow. Our focus is in marketing by implementing contact management. Contact management is the process of developing or continued development of a client or potential client’s relationship with your company. “The aim of marketing is to get your clients to know you and trust you.”- Anonymous.

Based on our findings in research and analysis we can provide small businesses with effective contact management. Our focus, once your contacts are updated and segmented, is providing customer engagement with relevant email campaigns and continued engagement throughout the most used social media platform, Facebook.
Our services include:

• Research and analysis. We will analyze and adjust your current campaign to ensure engagement, growth and return.
• Contact Management. We help our clients gain hours so they can get back to what they do best, manage and run their business. The quote is carpe diem not carpe tedium. Much of contact management can be tedious. Allow us to take care of it for you.
• Social Media. We will create effective Facebook campaigns and ads that will increase exposure and traffic to your business and provide customer engagement.

About P.S. Marketing Maven: Much of the experience gained over the past couple decades has been tested and proven by excelling in marketing and sales for companies such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, MetroPCS, and SERVPRO. We have been in the area for approximately 10 years and understand the needs of small businesses. Whether you are starting up a business or growing your business we have a solution for you! We are here to collaborate by understanding your business needs and providing you the best solution possible. Your business will benefit from a sound social media and digital marketing plan. For more information go to