Dominate your objectives with video marketing.
Improve your content marketing with multimedia content. Video will make up 79% of web traffic by 2020.

Videos can be produced for the purpose of tutoriols, FAQ’s, product videos and to explain processes of your services or products. With video marketing you can do live broadcasting which can be used to stream for events and workshops. Other purposes of video marketing can support slideshare presentations, webcasts, webinars and visual content.

The following are topics to consider when executing your video marketing:

Scheduling. When and where will you schedule your video.

Video Channels. Be sure to utilize video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t neglect your social media platforms. Make sure there is a balance so as not to bombard the audience with the same video.

Video Length. How long should your video be to effectively get your message across to your audience.

Live Videos. When live video streaming make sure all requirements are taken care of to ensure uninterrupted and engaging feeds.

Quality. Maintain great video and audio quality to reach your targeted demographics.

Titles and Scenes. Make it impactful and inviting for people to click. The title should be relevant on search results.

Tutorials. These can be used to help people understand your processes, about your products and how to use them.

Call to Action. This is the best way to catch viewers and attract them to act.

Metrics. Measure the performance of the video. See what is working and what isn’t then adjust.