Valentine’s Day is a $19.7 billion holiday.

Two men, named Valentine, were executed by the Emperor Claudius in 3rd Century A.D. Cut to- Hallmark starts selling Valentine’s Day cards in 1913. Fast forward to today, this holiday has become a $19.7 billion holiday.

Most people consider this day to be a “Hallmark holiday”. Traditionally, businesses would market to couples in love. Ad campaign would suggest purchasing a gift, a token of love, for their significant other to show them how much they are loved.

Today most American adults consider themselves as single. Different lifestyles celebrate their love. People are looking for experiences rather than tokens. Gift exchanging has opened up to other people in their circle of influencers, such as, coworker and pets. Romance is no longer the singular focus for this holiday.

In 2016 the Valentine’s Day holiday has reached an all time high of $19.7 billion in sales. Switch up your business and marketing strategies when as it pertains to Valentine’s Day. Make sure your efforts include everyone and your products and services need to be positioned as experiences rather than stuff.

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