Kick Balls. Eat Right. Be Awesome. Repeat.

April 18, 2018By P.S. Marketing MavenUncategorized
Food is medicine and plays a stellar role in recovery after a great match! As a mompreneur, mother of four sons, and soccer coach I was very surprised that the young (ages 12-15) players on our soccer teams were suffering from various ailments such as pulled hamstrings, asthma attacks, knee issues, joint pain, etc. These are [...]

Aim, Fire and Adjust!

February 20, 2017By P.S. Marketing Mavenmarketing strategies, research and analysis, small business, social media marketing, Uncategorized

#PresidentsDay2017 Every President needs a good cabinet. Aim, fire and adjust! Whether you have established your social media business pages or still need to create them now is the time to get some insights on how your campaigns are performing. We are here to assist you with the completion of your business page. If you merely … Read More

About the P.S. Marketing Maven!

December 2, 2016By P.S. Marketing MavenUncategorized

Hello, everyone! I am Patti Sarinana, Marketing Strategist for P.S. Marketing Maven. California born, Illinois raised and pursuing happiness in Florida! I have spent the last few decades in the sales and marketing realm. The experience I’ve gained over the years began in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois where I got my chomps in the broadcast journalism realm … Read More